西甲阿拉维斯老板 www.wq9o.com BD Advanced Bioprocessing products are now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

BD Advanced Bioprocessing products, including cell culture media, Bacto? and Difco? supplements, Recharge? and Resurge? feeds, as well as custom media design services, are now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific and available as part of the Gibco? cell culture portfolio.

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DIFCO?, Recharge?, and Resurge? are trademarks of Becton Dickinson and Company and are used under license.

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Product List


Find out why some of the leading biopharmaceutical companies around the world trust BD?products?to?be used in their bioproduction manufacturing processes.??

Media Services

Learn more about BD's full of range of media design services from custom media and feed formulation development to optimization of existing media and feeds.

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